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Why choose EdenScapes?

Excellence in our Service

Serving our customers with Excellence is one of the 3 pillars of EdenScapes. We strive to do this through always following up on phone calls and emails, consistently processing requests and needs of our customers in a timely manner, and responding in a positive and professional manner to each and every request.

Quality in our Craft

Offering the highest quality of Craftsmanship in our trade is the 2nd pillar of EdenScapes. We take extra time to train all of our crew members when they are hired, and continually do periodic training on each of the different services that we offer. Our managers are taking very opportunity to get certifications, continuing education, and specialized training in all areas of our field.

Integrity in our Approach

The final pillar that we are building on is Integrity in the way we approach everything that’s listed above. This begins with our hiring and onboarding process, continues with daily and weekly meetings promoting cultural and leadership development, and finally holding our team to the highest standards and accountability. When hiring, we go through literally hundreds of applications before selecting interviewees, and then have several steps to our interview process before someone is eligible for hire. Once hired, they are brought through extensive training on the particular Service they will be performing and our Company Policies. Then, all of our compensation is directly tied to their knowledge and performance of our Company Policies, Values, and Skill level. Through these steps, we have developed an awesome team of individuals that share a passion for our industry and for learning to do the work at a high level of Quality and Integrity.


Finally just a few more details about EdenScapes.

  • We have licenses and do continuing education for every different scope of work that we offer.
  • We carry full Workman’s Comp and General Liability Insurance with more coverage than will ever be needed.
  • We pay taxes and keep open books with the intention of sowing into the free market economy that has enabled us to grow as a business.
  • We invest time and resources into training our team members not just in industry standards, but also in personal development.
  • We have partnered with producers of the highest quality products available on the market.

Because of these reasons, we believe that we are the premier choice for Landscaping Services throughout Acadiana. Please feel free to contact our office with any questions about our company or to request a quote.