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While Flower Beds and Plants provide the aesthetic benefits that we all love, Hardscaping brings together aesthetics and function, enabling your back yard to be converted to an Outdoor Living Room. Being that Hardscaping provides solutions such as Patios, Walkways, and even making unusable sloped areas usable through the construction of Retaining Walls, Hardscaping provides unmatched function throughout the Landscape. EdenScapes uses Pavers, Natural Stone, Wood, Brick, Concrete, and more to create Outdoor Kitchens, Patio areas, Pathways, Pool Decking & Coping, Firepits, and more.
Choosing the right hardscaping for the job can supply life long function along with a visually stunning finished product. See below for examples of some materials & applications that are available.


Concrete pavers are available in different sizes, shapes, and textures. The most popular is a combo pattern, with multiple shapes and sizes, and a tumbled, distressed looking finish. Pavers can be used to build walkways, patios, fire pits, steps, etc.

Pavers (4)
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Antique Bricks

Nothing gives Old South Louisiana charm like using antique reclaimed bricks, such as Old St. Louis or Old Chicago. These can be installed over concrete with a mortar joint, can be used to build outdoor kitchen cabinets, or can be installed ‘paver style’ without a mortar joint, as seen in the pictures below.

Antique Bricks (8)
Antique Bricks (9)

Mortared Flagstone

This Application gives a natural,organic look, yet is still refined. While many companies offer flagstone applications using crushed stone as a filler in the joints, this application utilizes flagstone to create a solid and consistent surface, that is almost as smooth as concrete, while still having the organic look of irregular cut flagstones.

Mortared Flagstone (1)
Mortared Flagstone (2)
Mortared Flagstone (3)


Bluestone is the optimal choice for someone who wants a natural stone, but in a formal setting. Looking a lot like slate, the formal shapes and lines of pre-cut bluestone give a refined and finished look like no other.

Outdoor Kitchens

Retaining Walls

Whether freestanding or structural, walls add unrivaled interest to any property. With structural walls, unusable areas becomes usable and space is added to your outdoor living area. Freestanding walls help give definition to borders and perimeters, and are excellent candidates for landscape lighting to accent the masonry work.

Retaining Walls (2)
Retaining Walls (3)
Retaining Walls


Travertine has become the stone of choice for many for pool decks, patios, and walkways. Being a natural stone, you can actually see crystal structures housed in the open pores of the stone. It comes in an array of colors, textures, and finishes.