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Holiday Lighting

Tangled Wires, bulbs not working, climbing in bushes and on the roof. Sound fun?!?

Why not let EdenScapes make your Holiday Lighting display hassle-free while you enjoy Holiday time with the family?

At EdenScapes, we are training our staff and preparing all year long in order to be ready for the Holiday season. Our experienced team installs, takes down, and stores your lights and/or decor.

Our service includes the options of:

  • Tree and column wrapping of lights
  • Roof line, Doors, Windows & Dormer lights
  • Shrub wrapping of lights
  • Ground lights
  • Greenery: wreaths, garlands, and swags


The Product. Some people ask, why would I want to pay for this service when I can go and buy the supplies myself and install them?

We use all commercial grade LED lights, producing a top-of-the-line display, with materials that only rarely have any problems once they are installed. These are not the same products that can be purchased at your local big box stores. We begin sourcing our materials as early as February to ensure that we have enough high quality, durable supplies to take care of all of our customer’s needs throughout the season.

  1. All lights are custom cut for your home, so there are no mis-aligned lights, inconsistent spacing, or excess wire hanging or bundled up.
  2. Retail products have a limited production life span. So, if you have something stop working that you bought a year or 2 ago, you may not be able to find parts to repair it. The products that we use are for commercial use and are consistent from year to year. And, if something is no longer working and a matching alternative isn’t available, the responsibility is on us to provide you with a change out at no additional cost, rather than you having to go and buy all new supplies.
  3. If a bulb stops working during the season, all it takes is a text or a phone call to get one of our techs out within 24 hours to replace it.
  4. Unless otherwise requested, all lights are connected with a Photocel controlled timer, so there’s no having to turn them on and off.

Will I own my lights? The short answer is that EdenScapes owns the lights. With EdenScapes Holiday Lighting, you are not buying a product, you are paying for a service. We have found that with this approach we can provide a better service at a lower price, and there are never any increases in your price, because when anything needs to be repaired or replaced it is already covered in the cost.  In addition, since it is our product that we are responsible for, if anything goes wrong throughout the season, we have a technician on call that will come and repair or replace whatever is needed within 24 hrs.

The Cost. The price is going to depend on 2 main factors: the size of your home and which features are requested. Home size affecting the cost is self-explanatory. A client may request 1, 2 and up to all of these services. Although every job will need a customized assessment in order to get an accurate quote, here are some ballpark costs and summary of each service:

  • Roof Lights, Doors, Windows & Dormers: We use commercial grade C9 lights for this application, with the appropriate clips and accessories.  To give you an idea, an average 1,500 sq.ft. single story home with basic eave lights starts at $850.
  • Tree & Column Wrapping: We wrap our large trees and columns with 6″ spacing, and our small Landscape Trees with 4″spacing. If a customer requests tighter spacing, the cost would obviously be higher.  While small Landscape Trees such as 8’ Crape Myrtles start around $375 per tree, large Southern Live Oaks require a site visit and a custom quote.
  • Shrub Wrapping: We typically use Net Lights on shrubs. The size of the shrub determines how many Net Lights will be used. A 4’x4′ shrub would cost around $125, and are offered as an add-on to any Lighting package.
  • Ground Lights: Ground Lights are used to line flower beds, walkways, & driveways. The cost depends on how many linear feet are being installed.
  • Greenery: EdenScapes provides custom designed swags, garlands & wreaths. Customers can select if they want them lit or not, as well as the colors they prefer.  Call our office today for Custom Pricing.  We also offer greenery for Mardi Gras.

What does the service include? For whichever services you choose, the service will include design, custom creation of greenery, custom cutting all lights to size for your property, installation, maintenance throughout the season, takedown after the season, and storage throughout the year. Our customers are automatically scheduled ahead of the hustle and bustle the following year, so that all you have to do is flip a switch to light up your yard when you’re ready.

Why EdenScapes? Our team is fully licensed and insured; installers are professionally trained; we operate with uniformed employees and branded vehicles;  you will have a dedicated Account Manager throughout the life of the service; we spare no expense to have the most top-of-the-line and up-to-date equipment and supplies; even on weekends and holidays there will be an on-call technician in case something isn’t working right or a bulb goes out; our team isn’t going anywhere. We will be here year-after-year, so that you have consistency in your product and the people responsible for the install.

To assure that your house is decorated in time for the holidays, we recommend scheduling a free estimate with our manager as early as September. Once the holiday season arrives, our schedule is usually already full!

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Holiday Lighting2

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