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Irrigation and Drainage

The irrigation industry is drastically changing these days as we’ve had parts of the country that have had 2 year bans on landscape irrigation because of water shortage conditions, and other parts that only allow certain types of systems. Whether you’re trying to irrigate an entire property or just a small flower bed, there are specific options available for every application.

Technological advances are making Irrigation Controllers something that our Customers look forward to working with, as compared to older Controllers and Rain Sensors that never seemed to work properly. Having wi-fi capabilities, all of our Controllers are communicating and self-monitoring via weather stations. Any alerts or problems are monitored by our technicians through an online app and most can be dealt with remotely. Also, we have implemented an Irrigation System Maintenance Program to where our clients have scheduled service taking place throughout the year, with no hassle to the client.

As far as for drainage, although we go through droughts here in South Louisiana, we also have seasons of excessive rainfall. Those times of excessive rain help point to where drainage work needs to be done. Besides basic subsurface drainage in lawns and large bed areas, we are also implementing many different styles of water channeling above ground, using different types of rocks and stone and water filtering plants, which provide unique planning opportunities as well.

We use equipment of the highest quality: