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Landscape Lighting

If you love pulling up in your driveway to see your yard full of flowers, or the lushness of healthy shrubs and hearty trees, wait until you see them illuminated at night! Simply put, lighting gives you landscaping at night, whereas without lighting, your investment is not able to be appreciated once the sun goes down.

While we offer a full line of different lighting applications and types of fixtures, the most popular are the path lights, uplights, and wall-washers.

Highest Quality Materials and Cutting Edge Technology

Although there are many different grades of fixtures on the market today, not all fixtures are made equal. EdenScapes uses only Integrated LED, which is top-of-the-line quality, durable design, with a 15 year warranty on the fixtures. Also, new technology enables us to control Lighting and Irrigation through 1 controller, and that controller can be monitored, programmed, and modified remotely by our office.

We use equipment of the highest quality