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Landscape Planning

The first thing we encourage any prospective client to do is to take the time to come up with a long term master plan. Although it may take a little more time in the beginning, it is definitely worth investing the time and resources that are needed in order to develop a vision and put together a long term plan.

Please call at any time to schedule an appointment so that we can help to create or re-create your property into a dynamic outdoor space, bringing with us refined layout perspectives and ideas, the highest quality Plant materials and supplies that are available, and professional service with a staff that is committed to seeing each detail of your project through to completion.

Landscape Installation

Our Project Managers, Operations Managers & Crew Supervisors have many years of experience in the industry and always work closely with the plans and specs to make sure that the discussed concepts and ideas transpire the same way as originally conveyed to the client. From larger aspects of landscape construction such as heavy equipment, proper grading, and protection of existing structures to the smaller elements such as sweeping a sidewalk or planting an Azalea, we are committed to providing the highest level of workmanship and standing behind all of our work with full warranties.

Horticultural Maintenance

As for our maintenance department, at all of our accounts we implement full horticultural services including weed control, pruning, and a chemical program in which we disperse scheduled applications of insecticide, fungicide, weed prevention and fertilizer in all Flower Beds. We also offer a Turf Care Program where we do scheduled applications of the appropriate types and quantities of Fertilizer, Insecticide, and Herbicide for the type of grass you have.

Other maintenance services include lawn service, replacing annuals, mulching, pressure washing, gutter cleaning, etc.

Irrigation and drainage

The irrigation industry is drastically changing these days as we’ve had parts of the country that have had 2 year bans on landscape irrigation because of water shortage conditions, and other parts that only allow certain types of systems. Whether you’re trying to irrigate an entire property or just a small flower bed, there are specific options available for every application.

Technological advances are making Irrigation Controllers something that our Customers look forward to working with, as compared to older Controllers and Rain Sensors that never seemed to work properly. Having wi-fi capabilities, all of our Controllers are communicating and self-monitoring via weather stations.

Landscape Lighting

If you love pulling up in your driveway to see your yard full of flowers, or the lushness of healthy shrubs and hearty trees, wait until you see them illuminated at night! Simply put, lighting gives you landscaping at night, whereas without lighting, your investment is not able to be appreciated once the sun goes down.

While we offer a full line of different lighting applications and types of fixtures, the most popular are the path lights, uplights, and wall-washers.

Although there are many different grades of fixtures on the market today, not all fixtures are made equal. EdenScapes uses only Integrated LED, which is top-of-the-line quality, durable design, with a 15 year warranty on the fixtures.

Water Features

Nothing brings more relaxation than the sound of naturally flowing water. A large water feature can create its own entire Eco-system in your yard, while providing a habitat for fish, frogs, birds, and the like. While on the lighter side, a small disappearing fountain can be nestled into a flowerbed or along a walk way in almost any setting.

Call our office to schedule an appointment for a free estimate, and we can help you find the perfect water feature for your property.


While Flower Beds and Plants provide the aesthetic benefits that we all love, Hardscaping brings together aesthetics and function, enabling your back yard to be converted to an Outdoor Living Room. Being that Hardscaping provides solutions such as Patios, Walkways, and even making unusable sloped areas usable through the construction of Retaining Walls, Hardscaping provides unmatched function throughout the Landscape.

EdenScapes uses Pavers, Natural Stone, Wood, Brick, Concrete, and more to create Outdoor Kitchens, Patio areas, Pathways, Pool Decking & Coping, Firepits, and more.

Commercial Services

While EdenScapes first made an impact in the residential sector of the industry, commercial projects have also become a specialty service. Commercial General Contractors find value in EdenScapes being able to make it happen within the strenuous constraints that come with commercial construction. We have man power and resources available to be able to pull a project together quickly and get large amounts of work done in a short amount of time.

EdenScapes is also equipped to offer full Maintenance packages on commercial properties. Whether the space calls for detailed Maintenance as described on our Horticulture Maintenance page, or if it is just basic Lawn Service, our team can provide commercial packages to fit every property.

Fertilization & Weed Control


Our CLEAN & GREEN program for flower beds includes scheduled treatments of fertilizer, weed prevention, and systemic insect control.


Nothing is more beautiful than a truly CLEAN & GREEN lawn. Whether your yard is Bermuda, Cintepede, Zoysia or St. Augustine, our techs are supplied with the right products at the right time that are needed to keep your lawn CLEAN & GREEN.