There’s nothing that signifies spring like a beautiful green lawn! Just like seeing a large patch of colorful flowers, or looking at the beautiful blue of the ocean, the soft look of a beautiful lawn is a sight to behold. When asked how to accomplish this, 9 out of 10 homeowners will say, Weed-n-Feed! We’re here today to educate you on a couple of important details concerning weed-n-feed.  

Unfortunately, here in the South at least, weed-n-feed is an oxymoron. It doesn’t work. Here’s why. The time for the first application of weed control is in February, but we shouldn’t be fertilizing until April. So, you don’t need them at the same time! Either you put it down in time to get the weeds, and the fertilizer is wasted because the grass doesn’t take it in because it’s not actively growing, or, you wait until it’s time to fertilize, but by then the weeds are already becoming an infestation. Unfortunately, to have both of these products individually is not always practical for a homeowner.

For starters, you have to maintain proper application equipment, the products are sold in concentrates that have to be mixed, and will treat thousands of square feet, and the shelf life will expire before you’ll ever use it all. Not to mention, the cost of buying all of this excess product is prohibitive. So although the Weed-n-Feed isn’t practical, it is more cost-effective and user friendly! At that point, the main concern is putting out chemicals at times when they aren’t being absorbed by the grass, therefore they are leaching into the ground. This is wasteful and can be harmful to the environment.  

Having said that, the cost to have your own treated by a professional is relatively low. The technician will make 6-8 visits per year, and all applications are custom timed based on the type of grass, temperatures, weather conditions, life cycles of weeds and insects, etc. Feel free to send in questions if you’d like to do it yourself, or feel free to call our office to request a quote. You can receive a quote the same day!